Norm regulation in collaborative virtual environments by normative multi-agent systems

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has title::Norm regulation in collaborative virtual environments by normative multi-agent systems
status: finished
Master: project within::Cognitive Science
Student name: student name::Sven Stam
number: student number::1608940
Start start date:=2008/09/01
End end date:=2009/04/01
Supervisor: Tibor Bosse
Second reader: has second reader::Matthijs Pontier
Company: has company::vWorld Corporation Ltd
Poster: has poster::Media:PosterSvenStam.pdf

Signature supervisor



In this thesis I present a norm regulating normative multi-agent system. Virtual environments are becoming more and more popular. These virtual environments can be seen as social societies. Such social societies, like normal societies need social laws and norms. These norms need to be monitored to check if they are not violated or fulfilled when they should.

During my research at vWorld Corporation, I will create a Normative Agent Model which is based on the BDI-model and which is capable of recognizing norms and their possible violations and fulfillments. This agent will be deployed in a virtual environment called Club Time Machine, created by vWorld Corporation. The agent will reason with its beliefs, desires and intentions to determine if a user violates or fulfills a norm. If the agent detects if a norm is violated or fulfilled, it will decide whether a user should receive a punishment or a reward.

All in all, the goal of my research is to prove that a normative multi-agent system is capable of decreasing the number of norm violations and increasing the number of norm fulfillments in Club Time Machine.