Oil and gas exploration (with MAXELER)

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About Oil and gas exploration (with MAXELER)

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Oil and gas exploration is a major research topic for all major gas companies (think Shell or BP). As the technology for detecting the reservoirs advances, it becomes less intrusive and more computational. HPC solutions are required to detect the presence, size, and/or shape of these reservoirs.

In this project, we focus on a specific problem: we aim to create an image of the subsurface starting from measurements performed at the surface of the Earth. The method to be used os called Reverse Time Migration (RTM). The accuracy of its results is highly correlated with the computational intensity of the algorithm. Moreover, we talk about very large data sets, up to hundreds of terabytes, which need to be "crunched" to build accurate images.

In this project we aim to evaluate the MAXELER technology of programming FPGAs and explore its feasibility for building a system for efficient RTM.