Polymorphic Operating Systems

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has title::Polymorphic Operating Systems
status: ongoing
Master: project within::High Performance Distributed Computing
Student name: student name::Anton Kuijsten
Start start date:=2011/02/01
End end date:=2011/08/31
Supervisor: Andrew S. Tanenbaum
Second reader: has second reader::Cristiano Giuffrida, Lorenzo Cavallaro
Company: has company::VU
Poster: has poster::Media:Media:Posternaam.pdf

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The goal of this project is to design and implement a polymorphic operating system, that can dynamically randomize its address space (data and text) repeatedly during normal operation in a fine-grained manner. The dynamic re-randomization process aims at safeguarding against common security attacks based on memory corruption, while, at the same time, giving an offender less chances to learn useful properties about the operating system.