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Master's Thesis Presentations

For scheduling presentations please contact Caroline Waij (

Presentations appear in reverse date order

Date Time Room Name student Supervisor(s) Title

Tuesday, 19 Jan 2021 14:00 George Karlos Pieter Hijma Memory Access Monitoring of GPU Kernels

Fri, 20 March 10:30 WN F619 Remco Kranenburg Ben van Werkhoven and Natalia Silvis Configurable Adaptive Quality Rendering for VR
Thu, 8 Aug 16:00 WN S664 Alex Custura Alex Uta and Alex Iosup "When It Rains, It Pours: The Impact of Cloud Network Variability on Big Data Applications"
Tue, 21 May 13:30 WN T469 Maria Efthymiadou Roshan Bharath Das and Henri Bal "A Generic Multi-Objective Approach for the Navigation in Dynamic Environments"
Mon, 24 Sep 16.00 WN T469 Gábor Kozár Koen Koning, Cristiano Giuffrida and Herbert Bos Dangless: safe dangling pointer errors
Thu, 23 Aug 13.00 T469 Evangelos Chatzikalymnios Rutger Hofman and Henri Bal Near Real-Time Object Detection in a Large-Scale Surveillance System
Thu, 23 Aug 13.30 P423 Arthur van der Weiden Ben Gras, Cristiano Giuffrida and Herbert Bos Finding the bottlenecks of Packet Origin Validation
Tue, 24 Jul 11.00 P423 Ben Witzen Pieter Hijma and Henri Bal Kernel Execution Visualization
Wed, 18 Jul 10.00 WN S655 Oliver Becher Jacopo Urbani, Henri Bal Predicting Credibility of Sources for Fact Checking
Wed, 18 Jul 10.00 WN S655 Xin Yang Jacopo Urbani, Henri Bal Parse Tree Based Open Information Extraction

Thu, 12 Jul 13.45 P624 Emanuele Vineti Cristiano Giuffrida and Herbert Bos "Chasing Down Drive-by Mining - Large-scale analysis and advanced detection methods"
Tue,12 Jun 11.00 S624 Rachad Debdoubi
Mon, 4 Jun 14.00 WN T469 Steven Luijt Henri Bal, Roshan Bharath Das and Kees Verstoep Efficient and easy-to-use internet-based sensors for the SWAN framework
Fri, 16 Feb 10.00 WN P647 Koen Mol Henri Bal, Kees Verstoep and Frans Feldberg Explanation of Urban Noise with LPWAN data
Wed, 14 Feb 13.00 WN S655 Harry Obaseki Alexandru Uta and Thilo Kielmann "Big Data Processing in the Context of Heterogeneous Intra-cloud Network”
Wed, 31 Jan 16.00 WN C121 Nischai Vinesh Herbert Bos and Sanjay Rawat Catching the mischiefs of multiples - A concurrency fuzzer
Tue, 14 Nov 15.00-15.30 WN T469 Gabriele Di Bernardo Roshan Bharath Das and Henri Bal A Scalable and Hybrid Cloud Framework for Evaluating Streams of Sensor Data in Real-Time
Tue, 7 Nov 11.00-11.30 WN S607 Thomas Meester Henri Bal JobMatcher: a decentralized algorithm for grouping peers based on attributes
Mon, 14 Aug 11.00-11.30 WN S655 Richard Torenvliet Rein van den Boomgaard (UvA) en Wan Fokkink Multi-Frame Face Reconstruction With a 3D Morphable Model.
Tue, 18 July 9.00-9.30 WN S655 Varsha Ravichandra Mouli Jacopo Urbani Online Datalog on RDF Knowledge Graphs: Top-down or Bottom-up?
Tue, 18 July 9.30-10.00 WN S655 Krishna Prakash Sindhu Jacopo Urbani Making sense of Entity disambiguation
Mon, 17 July 13.30- 14.00 WN S623 Nathan Schagen Cristiano Giuffrida and Herbert Bos Safe Patch Fingerprinting
Fri, 14 July 13.30 WN S655 Nayana Mannilthodi Wan Fokkink and Femke van Raamsdonk Implementation of Multivalued Büchi Automata in the SpinJa Model Checker
Wed, 12 July 10.30 WN S655 Kristinn Björgvin Árdal Wan Fokkink and Femke van Raamsdonk Designing a Fault-tolerant Termination Detection Algorithm in a Simulation Environment
Fri, 9 Jun 10.00-10.30 WN F647 Florina Moldovan Ana Lucia Varbanescu Graph Processing Performance Prediction using Sampling
Tue, 25 April 12.30 WN F640 Martin Warnaar Martijn van Otterlo en Henri Bal Indoor Localisation on Smartphones Using WiFi and Bluetooth Beacon Signal Strength
Thu, 13 April 15.00 WN F123 Jarno van Leeuwen Herbert Bos Detecting Code Similarities and Differences in Malware
Thu, 23 Feb 13.30 WN C629 Andrei Tatar Cristiano Giuffrida and Herbert Bos "Hammertime: A Software Suite for Rowhammer Research"
Tue, 13 Dec 14.00 WN P423 Boris Mulder Herbert Bos and Cristiano Giuffrida Upset about Offsets, Why protecting code pointer offsets can be crucial
Mon, 21 Nov 14.00 WN F630 Rahul Sudhir Mohan Roshan Bharath Das, Henri Bal "SWAN-Act, an actuator framework for context aware applications"
Mon, 26 Sep 15.30 WN P647 Nathan Kooij Thilo Kielmann and Femke van Raamsdonk Design of a functional programming language for the cloud-based platform Thinknode
Mon, 26 Sep 16.00 WN P647 Mihai Dodan Thilo Kielmann and Kaveh Razavi Bolts: A Block-level Interface for File-based Deduplication
Mon, 26 Sep 16.30 WN P647 Robin de Vries Thilo Kielmann and Alexandru Uta Fault-tolerant Execution of Scientific Workflows With a Distributed In-memory File System
Wed, 14 Sep 13.30 WN M632 Vinod Nigade Erik van der Kouwe and Cristiano Giufffrida "Efficiently Detecting Use-after-free Exploits in Multithreaded Programs"
Tue, 13 Sep 10.00 TBA Gijsbrecht Henrick Bos Nelly Condori, Evert Haasdijk, Charles Liefting (CGI) and Jan Carlson (MDH university Sweden) An e-Auction Application for Flower Markets using Pareto Based Optimization Techniques
Mon, 29 Aug 09.00 WN T469 Soumajit Pal Jacopo Urbani "Enhancing Statistical Inference for Web Knowledge Completion".
Thu, 28 Jul 13.30 WN T469 Veaceslav Munteanu Henri Bal and Vladimir Bozdog and Roshan Bharath Das
Thu, 28 Jul 14.00 WN T469 Cristian Henri Bal and Vladimir Bozdog and Roshan Bharath Das
Thu, 21 Jul 13.30 WN T469 Rahul Mohan Henri Bal and Vladimir Bozdog and Roshan Bharath Das Energy Estimation in Android Smartphones
Thu, 14 Jul 13.00 WN T469 Gerben Rozie Henri Bal en Natalia Silvis Using the HEALPix projection for easier aggregation of data in an AIS naval tracking system
Thu, 7 Jul 13.30 WN S607 Ferry Avis Ana Oprescu and Joris Cramwinckel (Ortec Finance) A generic framework for financial simulations using microservices
Thu, 7 Jul 14.00 WN S607 Laurens Verspeek Ana Oprescu Towards online automated multi-variate testing
Wed, 22 Jun 13.30 WN F654 Alyssa Milburn Cristiano Giuffrida and Herbert Bos Automated mitigation of uninitialized data vulnerabilities
Thu, 9 Jun 10.00 WN S607 Rik van der Kooij Henri Bal en Ben van Werkhoven GPU implementation of a Quantitative Behavior Analysis pipeline
Thu, 9 Jun 14.00 WN S607 Floris den Hengst Mark Hoogendoorn en Dirk Jonker (Focus Orange Technology) Detecting Interesting Outliers: an Active Learning Approach
Thu, 25 Feb 11:00 WN T469 Ion Bara Henri Bal and Alexandru Uta
Thu, 19 Nov 13.30 WN F630 Vaishali Dudhmal Thilo Kielmann and Kaveh Razavi Improving the Block Merging of Local Deduplication
Thu, 19 Nov 14.00 WN F630 Annan Cheng Thilo Kielmann and Alexandru Uta Speeding Up Workflow Execution Using Graph Partitioning and Task Clustering
Thu, 29 Oct 11.00 WN T469 David Stammers Natalia Silvis en Henri Bal Introducing JaMu: a novel Java mutation testing tool
Thu, 24 Sep 09.30 WN S607 Thomas Macht Pieter Hijma, Clemens Grelck (UvA) Compiling Single Assignment C for Symmetric Distributed Memory Architectures
Wed, 26 Aug 14.00 WN P423 Armando Miraglia Dirk Vogt, Cristiano Giuffrida Peeking into the Past: Efficient Checkpoint-assisted Time-traveling Debugging
Thu, 20 Aug 13.30 WN T469 Eric de Kruijf Henri Bal, Jason Maassen Optimizing ElasticSearch for Texcavator
Wo, 19 Aug 11.00 WN T469 Jeffrey Klardie Bruno Crispo, Mauro Conti, Spyros Voulgaris Unobtrusive Authentication on Android
Wo, 19 Aug 15.30 WN P423 Taddeus Kroes Herbert Bos Advanced code analysis through multi-path based binary recovery
Wo, 19 Aug 16.00 WN P423 Koen Koning Herbert Bos
Tue, 11 Aug 15.00 WN S607 Linus Schoemaker Henri Bal, Rob van Nieuwpoort and Alessio Sclocco Removing Radio Frequency Interference in the LOFAR using GPUs
Wed, 5 Aug 16.00 CWI M369 Rosmi Rehman Dick Bulterman, Pablo Cesar and Chen Wang Evaluating the performance of Biosensor in Wireless Networking
Thu, 30 Jul 15.00 WN P647 Archana Bindu Sunil Thilo Kielmann, Rob de Jeu, A. Veenhuizen (TNO), T. Veugen (TNO/TUDelft), en Z.Erkin (TUDelft) Secure License Plate matching using Homomorphic encryption
Thu, 30 Jul 15.30 WN P647 Mehdi Aqadjani Thilo Kielmann User-space Control of the Linux Page-Cache
Thu, 16 Jul 15.30 WN T469 Zubin Mithra Herbert Bos Towards measuring and comparing code obfuscation implementations

Thu, 16 Jul 16.00 WN T469 Radhesh Krishnan Herbert Bos A study of financial trojans and it's MitB component
Mon, 13 Jul 11.00 WN T469 Floris den Hengst Mark Hoogendoorn en Ward van Breda "Detecting Interesting Outliers: an Active Learning Approach"
Wed, 8 Jul 14.00 Intertainlab S1.11 Arvind Sriram Raj Herbert Bos and Cristiano Giuffrida N-Version Return-Oriented Programming
Tue, 16 Jun 15.30 WN F640 Linus Schoemaker Henri Bal, Rob van Nieuwpoort and Alessio Sclocco Removing Radio Frequency Interference in the LOFAR using GPUs
Fri, 20 Feb 16.00 WN T469 Liviu Mihai Razorea Henri Bal Extending Clusters in the Cloud by Means of On the fly Shared Storage
Mon, 15 Dec 13.30 WN P656 Plamen Dimitrov Henri Bal, Rutger Hofman Malleable MPI using Virtual Machines
Mon, 15 Dec 14.00 WN P656 Nadina Sovaiala Henri Bal, Kees Verstoep A layered storage design for SWAN systems
Mon, 8 Dec 10.00 WN P656 Sinziana Filip Spyros Voulgaris, Peter Boncz and Claudio Martella A scalable graph pattern matching engine on top of Apache Giraph
Tue, 25 Nov 11.00 HG-05A11 S. Santhanam Dirk Vogt, Cristiano Giuffrida Maximizing Side Effect Free Region using Escape Analysis and study Recovery Models for those regions in MultiThreaded Server Application
Tue, 25 Nov 11.30 HG-05A11 Koustubha Bhat Dirk Vogt, Cristiano Giuffrida VUsing Minix: Static Inter-Component Dependency Analysis for Safe and Automated Stateful Recovery
Tue, 23 Sept 11.00 P6.24 Roshan Bharath Das Henri Bal, Aart van Halteren Analysis on performance and energy cost of a Cloud-enabled SWAN system
Mon, 25 Aug 09.30 S6.64 Nishant Saurabh Ana Lucia Varbanescu, Alessio Sclocco Improving the Performance of Moore-Penrose pseudo-inverse for a Graph's Laplacian using GPUs
Fri, 1 Aug 16.45-17.15 F6.30 Niels Slot Thilo Kielmann Running existing distributed batch operations on HTML5 clients
Fri, 1 Aug 16.15-16.45 F6.30 Radu Nitu Thilo Kielmann Scalable Web Hosting. Cost-aware resource provisioning in Azure
Fri, 1 Aug 15.45-16.15 F6.30 Rocco Santese Thilo Kielmann A cloud scheduler handling performance variability of machine instances
Fri, 1 Aug 15.15-15.45 F6.30 Alexandra Vintila Thilo Kielmann Energy-Aware Scheduling for Bag-of-Task Applications in Private Clouds
Fri, 1 Aug 14.30-15.00 F6.30 Andreea Sandu Thilo Kielmann A malleable in memory file system for many task computing
Fri, 1 Aug 14.00-14.30 F6.30 Ion Morozan Thilo Kielmann Kernel-Space InMemory Distributed File System for Many-Task Computing on Clouds and Clusters
Fri, 1 Aug 13.30-14.00 F6.30 Andrea Gardiman Thilo Kielmann Improving VM Startup Overhead of Open-Source Cloud Stacks
Fri, 1 Aug 13.00-13.30 F6.30 Ana Ion Thilo Kielmann Integrating Cloud Infrastructures using Nested Virtualization
Fri, 25 July 17.30-18.00 Intertainlab, S1.11 Esra Atescelik Victor de Boer, Antoine Isaac Cluster analyis applied to Europeana data
Fri, 25 July 17.00-17.30 Intertainlab, S1.11 Peter den Herder Hans Akkermans The extraction of a tenant in SaaS environment
Fri, 25 July 16.30-17.00 Intertainlab, S1.11 Christoph Eilers Jan Wielemaker Comparison of the quality of Linked Data generated through Crowdsourcing and Formal Sources
Fri, 25 July 16.00-16.30 Intertainlab, S1.11 Justin Post Jan Wielemaker Big Data, Big Risk?
Fri, 25 July 15.30-16.00 Intertainlab, S1.11 Martijn de Graaf Jan Wielemaker Real time status classification for online services using Twitter
Fri, 25 July 14.30-15.00 Intertainlab, S1.11 Guus Rietbergen Paul Groth Using a DJ Deck for data integration performances, impact of prior experience on performance
Fri, 25 July 14.00-14.30 Intertainlab, S1.11 Yaron Yitzhak Paul Groth Integrating content-based recommendation into social feeds
Fri, 25 July 13.30-14.00 Intertainlab, S1.11 Tjaard Kooiman Paul Groth Dutch Charity Web Donation Usability
Thur, 24 July 13.45-14.15 F6.30 Eli Mokheiber Henri Bal, Aart van Halteren Exploring the boundaries of the SWAN framework
Thur, 24 July 14.00-15.00 P6.40 Unmesh N. Joshi Spyros Voulgaris, Claudio Martella Pregel vs GraphLab: Model Comparison
Thur, 24 July 11.00-12.00 P6.40 Vlad Tudose Ana Lucia Varbanescu, Claudio Martella Monitoring crowd dynamics in spatial-temporal graphs
Fri, 18 July 17.00-17.30 Intertainlab, S1.11 Tatiana Cristea Lora Aroyo Crowd Watson
Fri, 18 July 16:30-17:00 Intertainlab, S1.11 Benjamin Timmermans Lora Aoyo Crowd Watson
Fri, 18 July 16:00-16:30 Intertainlab, S1.11 Rens van Honschooten Lora Aoyo Crowd Watson
Fri, 18 July 15:00-15:30 Intertainlab, S1.11 Harriette Smook Lora Aoyo Crowd Watson
Fri, 18 July 14:30-15:00 Intertainlab, S1.11 Khalid Khamkham Lora Aoyo Crowd Watson
Fri, 18 July 14:00-14:30 Intertainlab, S1.11 Wouter van den Hoven Niels Ockeloen BiographyNet UI
Fri, 18 July 13:30-14:00 Intertainlab, S1.11 Thom Boekel Patricia Lago Design of a reusable Green Scan Methodology
Fri, 18 July 13.00-13.30 Intertainlab, S1.11 Martin Boerman Patricia Lago, Damian Tamburri, Joost Visser Monitoring Iterative Software Development
Fri, 18 July 12.30-13.00 Intertainlab, S1.11 Adnan Ramlawi Anton Eliens, Frank Nack Educational serious games: rewards and motivation
Fri, 18 July 12.00-12.30 Intertainlab, S1.11 Renee Vaessen Damian Tamburri, Patricia Lago Recommending Cloud Vendors: integration of organizational criteria in the selection process
Fri, 18 July 11.00-12.30 P6.40 Nikiforos Manalis Spyros Voulgaris, Frits van der Streng, Martin van der Wateren Distributed Algorithms for Data Aggregation and Averaging on the MyriaNed Wireless Sensor Network
Thur, 17 July 13.45-14.15 P6.56 Andreea-Cristina Petre Maarten van Steen, Spyros Voulgaris Monitoring urban dynamics based on wireless data
Thur, 17 July 13.15-13.45 P6.56 Cristian Chilipirea Maarten van Steen, Spyros Voulgaris Robust detection of WiFi-enabled smartphones
Mon, 14 July 11.00-11.30 WN S607 Berend van Veenendaal Hans van Vliet, Henri Bal en Ceriel Jacobs Codmon-VM: A multi-platform modular test environment
Fri, 11 July 14.45-15.15 P6.56 Jeroen Rietveld Ben van Werkhoven, Thilo Kielmann Interactive Visualization of 3D Ocean Data
Fri, 11 July 15.00-15.30 Intertainlab, S1.11 Renee Vaessen Damian Tamburri, Patricia Lago Recommending Cloud Vendors: integration of organizational criteria in the selection process
Fri, 11 July 14.30-15.00 Intertainlab, S1.11 Andrea Cristina Bravo Victor de Boer Linking historical ship records to newspaper archives
Fri, 11 July 14.00-14.30 Intertainlab, S1.11 Rianne Nieland Victor de Boer Talking to Linked Data
Fri, 11 July 13.30-14.00 Intertainlab, S1.11 Robin Ponstein Victor de Boer Dutch Ships and Sailors
Thur, 10 July 16.00 M632 Patrick van Rietschoten Henri Bal PIDGEO: Hybrid Indoor Positioning using Smartphones
Fri, 4 July 10.30-11.00 P423 Reinier van den Assum Davide Ceolin, Lora Aroyo Trust in websites
Fri, 4 July 10.00-10.30 P423 Ivo de Vries Davide Ceolin, Lora Aroyo Iens
Tues, 1 July 10.00-11.00 P631 Benjamin Wijchers Paola Grosso, Benno Overeinder, Spyros Voulgaris BGP Route Leaks Analysis
Tue, 24 June 15.30 P624 Leonidas Diamantis Anton Eliens "A generic event logger for real-time, web-based applications"
Tue, 17 June 11:00 – 12:00 M632 Themistoklis Mavridis Lora Aroyo; Andreas L. Symeonidis (AUTH, Greece) "Exploring the influence of semantic data on the ranking mechanisms of search engines"
Tue, 6 May 13:30 – 14:30 S624 Alexandra Iacob Thilo Kielmann "RDMA-capable In-Memory Distributed File System for Many-Task Computing on Clouds and Clusters"