Protein interactions and sequence specificity

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Protein interactions and sequence specificity
status: finished
Master: project within::Bioinformatics
Student name: student name::Anita de Ruiter
Start start date:=2008/10/01
End end date:=2009/04/30
Supervisor: Anton Feenstra
Second reader: has second reader::Jaap Heringa
Poster: has poster::Media:Media:Posternaam.pdf

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Prediction of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) is currently one of the most sought after goals in bioinformatics, and no method yet exists that can claim overall success in this area. The problem of identifying protein-protein interactions can be seen as the first major hurdle in the post-genomic era, and progress in that area will help us in understanding the mechanisms behind observed gene-gene interactions.

This project will explored the relationship between the structure of (known) protein complexes and sequence specificity between interacting and non-interacting protein families. This specificity is crucial to many biological processes, and, for example, makes it possible that many signalling pathways and regulation mechanisms operate simultaneously inside the living cell. The specific aim will be to establish whether specificity patterns related to protein interactions are indeed detectable on a sequence level.