Risk and Cost Driven Architecture

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About Risk and Cost Driven Architecture

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Risk- and Cost Driven Architecture (RCDA) is a solution shaping approach developed in Logica. It is a set of practices used by Logica’s architects to create solutions for our customers. RCDA is based on a view of architecture as a Risk- and Cost Management Discipline, as described in a paper which was awarded “best reflection paper” at the WICSA 2011 conference.

Considering architecture as a risk- and cost management discipline, rather than merely as a high-level design discipline, makes the architect more effective in a number of ways:

·it helps the architect order their work, in both focus and timing of their decision making

·it helps in communicating about the architecture with stakeholders in business terms

So far (July 2011), we have trained over 200 architects in our risk- and cost driven architecture approach. We are now at the stage where we need to objectively quantify and measure the benefits mentioned above. This will be done in a validation project.

Logica is looking for a student to perform the validation of RCDA as their master thesis work. This work will involve obtaining and analyzing feedback from the 200 trained architects with respect to their use of various elements and principles of RCDA. The project can start immediately.