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About Searching Accross Collections

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Within the context of the Agora project we are working together with the Rijksmuseum and Sound & Vision archive. One problem has come up: how to search for relevant material in both collections. For example, how to find all the videos in the Sound & Vision collection about Rembrandt?

This project will deal with enriching museum and audio-visual archive metadata to create links between the artworks and the videos in both collections.

Variations of the project can deal with each of those topics separately: (1) clustering and classification algorithms for similarity between the objects (2) semantic search for relevant objects in both collections (3) modeling the relationships between the two collections (4) extraction of relevant entities from description texts in both collections (5) interactive interfaces to support end user tasks in such environment

Extra Information

Contact Lora_Aroyo, Marieke_van_Erp or Guus_Schreiber for more information about this project.