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  1. (under consideration)
  2. AI Artist Program
  3. A Change Data Capture (CDC) toolkit for keeping system layers in sync with the database
  4. A Science of Checklists
  5. A VR way of learning
  6. A cognitive model of dynamic political belief and positioning
  7. A computational model of the influence of religion on human cognition
  8. A cross-store study on performance-related commits in mobile apps
  9. A design methodology for clinical workflows
  10. A framework for companies representing threats within Enterprise Content Management Systems
  11. A mutation testing tool for Java
  12. A profiler for Catalyst query plans
  13. A science of checklists
  14. A systematic method of identifying risk at application in planning phase for risk driven software testing
  15. A systematic review on existing energy optimization approaches for software services
  16. A systematic review on the effectiveness of defect management strategies/techniques
  17. A user-centric design for the BiographyNet Linked Data interface
  18. Accelerating Datacenter Infrastructures
  19. Accelerating VM Startup Using Pre-Initialized OS State
  20. Accurate step detection using smartphone accelerometer data
  21. Adapting evaluation methodologies for measuring usability into a agile development projects
  22. Agent-based modelling and simulation for resilience engineering in air transport
  23. Algorithmic vs. Human-perceived trust in written news
  24. Algorithms in Sequence Analysis
  25. Alignment of the Digital Landscape with Pharmaceutical Companies' Organisational Structure
  26. An Empirical Validation of the Green Cloud Model
  27. An Evaluation Method for Selecting Software Libraries
  28. An exploratory study on the usage of networking protocols in mobile apps
  29. An in-depth Empirical Study of Android Broadcast Receivers
  30. An intelligent interactive system for enhancing customer experience and raising awareness on responsible shopping
  31. An intelligent system for providing personalized nutritional information
  32. Analysing the relation between songs played during live performances and digital listening behaviour
  33. Analysis on spatial and temporal features of taxis, POI’s and land use type in the city of Beijing. A semantic web approach.
  34. Analyzing attack vectors of current financial Trojans
  35. Anytime Federated Querying: Implementation and Evaluation
  36. Apache Spark for real-time social intranet analytics
  37. Application of artificial neural networks for short term mood change predictions
  38. Applying and generalizing data locality abstractions
  39. Applying the Bitcoin Blockchain Technology for Reproducible and Trustworthy Science
  40. Applying the spacing effect in an adaptive learning environment
  41. Argos as a client-side honeypot
  42. Assessing sustainability of electronic services in Mali
  43. Automated Dynamic Testing of SOA Composites
  44. Automated Test Management through LTSmin
  45. Automated classification of tumor properties based on pathology reports
  46. Automatic analysis of natural language in business process models: A Hidden Markov Model approach
  47. Automatic textmining and mapping to Business Processes
  48. Automatically calculating quality indicators from patient data
  49. Automatically detecting interactions between medication rules for elderly patients
  50. Bayesian data analysis and modeling in microfinance

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