Systems Biology in Practice

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This is the temporary wiki page for the UvA course Systems Biology in Practice.

Course coordinator is prof Joost Teixeira de Mattos email

Dear students

Welcome to Systems Biology in Practice. We will start on Monday, october 29 and I beg you ALL to convene this Monday at 9.00 am at the Science Park in Room G5.29. I will there and then explain the set-up of the course and present the complete and final programme with all info you need. For now, I attach the provisional scheme (which is close to the final one but still lacks some room numbers). Subsequently, the lecture on Microbial Physiology will start.

Please be there!! See you all on Monday, october 29, at 9.00 am in room G5.29 at the Science Park

for info, see Media:Final Scheme Omics in Practice.xlsx