Tactical Picture Compilation: Making the Agent Human-like

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has title::Tactical Picture Compilation: Making the Agent Human-like
status: finished
Master: project within::Cognitive Science
Student name: student name::Fiemke Both
number: student number::1224522
Start start date:=2006/03/01
End end date:=2006/12/01
Supervisor: Annerieke Heuvelink
Second reader: has second reader::Tibor Bosse
Company: has company::TNO
Poster: has poster::Media:poster_Fiemke.jpg

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As part of the program of the Royal Netherlands Navy program at TNO, this thesis investigates the possibilities of implementing cognitive biases in an agent that carries out the Tactical Picture Compilation Task. That leads to the following research questions: is there an effect of biases on the behavior of the agent? Additionally, do the biases have a negative effect on the decision the agent makes? Moreover, does the effect result in a more human-like behavior of the agent? Heuvelink has developed a rational model for the picture compilation task of the warfare officer. This task model includes all information, expert knowledge and reasoning rules the warfare officer should use to come to a correct conclusion about a detected object. The model will be implemented using a cognitive architecture, ACT-R. This leads to another research question: is ACT-R suited for an implementation of this cognitive model?