The Role of Attention in Non-specific Preparation

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has title::The Role of Attention in Non-specific Preparation
status: finished
Master: project within::Cognitive Science
Student name: student name::Rianne van Lambalgen
number: student number::1267019
Start start date:=2006/06/01
End end date:=2007/08/01
Supervisor: Sander Los
Second reader: has second reader::Tibor Bosse

Signature supervisor



It is unclear whether the nature of the non-specific preparation process, which follows a warning signal (S1) to speed responding on an imperative stimulus (S2) is attentional or non-attentional. In this thesis, we contrasted two models on the role of attention in non-specific preparation. We conducted two experiments using load to modify the amount of attention available for preparation. We found that load did not alter the preparation process and it was not possible to distinguish between the two models. In addition, using the leadsto model environment, the role of load on non-specific preparation was investigated.