UML profile for model-based requirements

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About UML profile for model-based requirements

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|free text=}} A domain model in UML may consist of elements like classes, attributes, activities, and their relations. A requirement for a system that targets at the domain, can be expressed in those elements. Profiling is a mechanism to extend UML for particular modelling needs. This assignment focusses on making a profile that allows the specification of requirements in terms of a domain model. Topics to investigate include the integration of multiple domains, and consistency checking of requirements.

The activities may include:

  • Study the standards in requirements specification
  • Making a UML profile
  • Specify modelling rules
  • UML modelling of examples cases
  • (re)writing requirements to match the developed profile.
  • Implementing the profile in a UML modelling tool (Enterprise Architect)
  • Defining a method to make profiles for domain-based requirements.

We are looking for a student that is good in abstract thinking and modelling. Which activities will be dominant will highly depend on the student’s preferences and interests. Preferably the assignment is realized by two cooperating students.