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The ULURU|Beagle group as an open innovation atelier is focused on the development of new product and service concepts. A mix of intuitive market research (Beagle) and concept development including business and partner models (ULURU) leads to propositions that will quickly reach the desired yield and effect. Working on the principle of co-creation, we approach various parties in an early stage to involve them in the process and find the role they can fulfill. U|B acts as a matchmaker and helps forging business alliances.

U|B works closely with various universities and educational institutes, such as the Maastricht University, the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Nyenrode Business University and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Exchanging knowledge and experience and having students collaborating on a daily basis on our projects guarantees a solid foundation in the social, economic and cultural aspects of our society.

Take for instance our collaboration with the master course Health Food Innovation Management of Maastricht University. This collaboration is focused on stimulating innovative entrepreneurship and creates insights and expertise in four different areas: biomedical science, consumer research, new technologies in ingredients and processing and regulations. U|B has joined in similar collaborations with Unilever, Campina, Friesland Foods, Heineken and Heinz/Honig.

In the area of sustainability, U|B has worked for Van Gansewinkel Group, Nuon, InterfaceFlor, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management; ProRail and Schuitema/C1000.

U|B’s knowledge and experience has led to a mode of operation that ensures an efficient handling of the time and resources of our customers and possible partners. The power of open innovation is in the interactivity and in keeping all involved parties focused and engaged throughout the process. A team of U|B coaches facilitate the dialogue in such a way that all participants remain involved.

U|B Group is part of an international network of companies that develop products and services through co-creation and open innovation.

For more information, see http://www.ulurubeagle.com