Underspecified concepts in SNOMED CT

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About Underspecified concepts in SNOMED CT


SNOMED Clinical Terms (http://www.ihtsdo.org/snomed-ct/) is the world’s most comprehensive clinical healthcare terminology, and it can be represented in OWL. Problem: many concept definitions are underspecified (i.e. partially instead of fully defined), some because they cannot be fully defined, some because the underlying logic does not allow for full definition (for example, OWL EL does not support negations / disjunctions), and some might be due to the modeller. Underspecification is problematic because partially defined concepts cannot have any subconcepts.

Research Question 1: What is the extent of underspecification in SNOMED CT? (relatively easy, groups of concepts with the same definition are underspecified)

Research Question 2: What are/might be the reasons for underspecification? => Analyse the names of the (groups of) concepts.

Research Question 3: Could the reasons be fixed? For example, use a more expressive OWL representation, assist the user…

Interest / background in NLP could be useful