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has title::Mathematical Entity Recognation System
status: ongoing
Master: project within::Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems
Student name: student name::Arash Parnia
Start start date:=March 01 2018
End end date:=August 31 2018
Supervisor: Stefan Schlobach
Company: has company::Elsevier

Signature supervisor



   Mathematical Entities capture the intent of the author in a symbolic and formalized way. Mathematical entities and the relationships of these entities with each other paints the picture intended by the author. Mathematical entities are meaningless unless they are defined. Conventions in a scientific field often dictate the definition of a mathematical entity. Authors often include the definition of the mathematical entity within their documents. A well defined mathematical entity is critical for understanding the intention of the author. The ultimate goal of this project is to extract these mathematical entities and find ways to understand their meaning and their connection to the text. Using surrounding natural language text is a way to find the meaning of this mathematical entities.