Using the TMR guideline model for checking guideline compliance

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About Using the TMR guideline model for checking guideline compliance

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Guideline compliance checking has been performed in the past using rather heavyweight computer representations of the guidelines. This have given mixed results on the feasibility of this task, due to the high costs of modeling the guideline and the poor interoperability between guideline model and EMR data.

The goal of this project is to see if a more lightweight computer model of a guideline is more suitable for the task of automatically checking guideline compliance against EMR data.


1. choose appropriate guideline based on availability of EMR data, medical expert and guidelin model (in descending order of scarcity).

2. construct computer representation of chosen guideline (if required)

3. use OpenEHR to connect the computer-represented guideline to EMR data

4. compare prediced actions from computer-represented guideline with content of EMR data


  • insights on feasibility of automated compliance checking
  • compliance measurements for the chosen guideline on AMC patients


  • Veruska Zamborlini and Annette ten Teije fom KRR@VU,
  • Rudy Scholte AMC Clinical Research Unit (CRU),
  • domain expert