What's wrong with Information Extraction?

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About What's wrong with Information Extraction?

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Enriched video descriptions with relevant concepts such as events, people, organization, locations, time and other concepts could highly improve the search and the retrieval of the video. In literature, this process of gathering video description annotations has been realized already through Information Extraction tools, by recognizing all the relevant named entities in a document. However, named entity extraction is still a challenging problem due to the poor accuracy of the NER tools when extracting the named entities, and especially the events.

The goal of this project is to perform error analysis of existing Information Extraction tools such as NERD, THD, TextRazor, DBPediaSpotlight and identify the textual features of the video descriptions for which the IE tools do not perform well. There are different aspects for which we can compare the performance of the tools:

  • language: English vs. Dutch video descriptions
  • length: short vs. long video descriptions
  • concept identification: event detection vs. entity detection
  • concept type identification: event types vs. entity types
  • confidence scores, relevance scores

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