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(AI masters)
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[[allows value::Computer Science bachelor]],
[[allows value::Lifestyle Informatics bachelor]],
[[allows value::Information, Multimedia and Management bachelor]]
==AI masters==
==AI masters==

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allows value::Computer Science bachelor, allows value::Lifestyle Informatics bachelor, allows value::Information, Multimedia and Management bachelor


AI masters

allows value::Knowledge Technology and Intelligent Internet Applications, allows value::Computational Intelligence and Selforganisation, allows value::Cognitive Science, allows value::Human Ambience, allows value::Technical Artificial Intelligence, allows value::AI and Communication

CS masters

allows value::Internet and Web Technology allows value::High Performance Distributed Computing allows value::Multimedia allows value::Formal Methods and Software Verification allows value::Software Engineering allows value::Technical Artificial Intelligence, allows value::Information and Communication Technology allows value::Computer Science and Communication

Bioinformatics masters

allows value::Bioinformatics

IS masters

allows value::Information Sciences

PDCS masters

allows value::Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems