A Selection Framework for Service Oriented Design Notations

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has title::A Selection Framework for Service Oriented Design Notations
status: finished
Master: project within::Information Sciences
Student name: student name::Ryan W.K. Chin
number: student number::1649086
Start start date:=2008/06/01
End end date:=2009/03/09
Supervisor: Patricia Lago
Second reader: has second reader::Steven Klusener
Company: has company::VUA
Poster: has poster::Media:Media:Posternaam.pdf

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This thesis investigates how to select the appropriate modeling languages for designing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). As SOA is still in development, standards need to be established as drivers for maturing this architecture and facilitating a wide acceptance of this paradigm. This thesis therefore aims at providing a formalized framework with which stakeholders can elicit the most appropriate modeling languages for the service‐oriented design of this relatively new architecture.