A Support Model for Emotion Contagion

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Abstract of thesis:

Research on team performance addresses multiple areas, such as decision making, accident reduction, development, goals and motivation. The success of team performance is mostly measured as the effectiveness of a team. This thesis is part of a more extensive exploration into building a software agent that can support a team by making the team performance as effective and productive as possible at all times. In this thesis two main factors affecting team performance will be explored: group emotion and group development. Computational models for emotion contagion and group development are introduced first, after which leadership models are addressed in the form of agent-based support models for group emotion and group development. This thesis shows how qualitative knowledge about team functioning can be formalized, conceptually and technically, into logical and numerical computational models, according to a multi-agent based approach.

abstract for presentation: In my second KIM presentation I will present the proposed support model of emotion contagion.