Analyzing database performance in virtual and cloud environments

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About Analyzing database performance in virtual and cloud environments

  • This project has not yet been fulfilled.
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With the ongoing push towards in-cloud computing, databases are often deployed in virtual and cloud environments. The goal of this project is to understand the performance of a few database systems in different environments and on different use cases. The first phase would involve running various benchmarks and analyzing high-level results. If the time allows, this should then lead to performing deep analysis of where does the time go, identification of inefficiencies and possibly finding improvement opportunities.

In the first phase (benchmarking) this is a higher-level project using a number of database systems (including Vectorwise) from the user perspective. For that, the candidate is expected to be experienced with SQL databases and have good script-writing skills. The second phase (analysis and optimization) might require going deeper into the database internals, maybe even understanding the code relevant to the analyzed aspects of the system. That part would require good code-analysis skills and possibly good programming skills.

Vectorwise offers an attractive intern scholarship and a great working environment. The work is supervised daily be Marcin Zukowski, PhD from Vectorwise and Peter Boncz, PhD from CWI and VU. In the last few years MSc projects at Vectorwise produced a number of very good Master's theses as well as scientific publications and commercial-product contributions.