Bioinformatics Final Presentation

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The best way to know what is expected of you in a scientific presentation, is to attend some presentations of fellow students.

  • The presentation should be between 20 and 30 minutes (depending on the length of your project)
  • You should pitch your presentation at fellow students, having followed the compulsory bioinformatics courses
  • Use figures to clarify your set up, try to avoid text only slides
  • If you show equations, make sure to explain them properly (term by term) - or write them on the (black/white) board
  • If you show a plot, make sure to explain it (what is on each axis, what does the plot tell us)
  • Show your slides to one of your supervisors before you give the presentation
    • Ask for feedback on your slides, and do this well ahead of time so you actually have time to process the feedback
    • If possible, give a practice talk with one or two fellow students and your daily supervisor present


  • Introduction + motivation
  • Methods
  • Analysis, Results and Discussion
  • Acknowledgements

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