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This wiki system is no longer maintained.

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The best way to know what is expected of you in a scientific presentation, is to attend some presentations of fellow students.

  • The presentation should be between 20 and 30 minutes (depending on the length of your project)
  • You should pitch your presentation at fellow students, having followed the compulsory bioinformatics courses
  • Use figures to clarify your set up, try to avoid text only slides
  • If you show equations, make sure to explain them properly (term by term) - or write them on the (black/white) board
  • If you show a plot, make sure to explain it (what is on each axis, what does the plot tell us)
  • Show your slides to one of your supervisors before you give the presentation
    • Ask for feedback on your slides, and do this well ahead of time so you actually have time to process the feedback
    • If possible, give a practice talk with one or two fellow students and your daily supervisor present


  • Introduction + motivation
  • Methods
  • Analysis, Results and Discussion
  • Acknowledgements

How to plan your presentation?

  • ask permission from your supervisor to present
  • Please note that if you want to graduate by the end of the academic year (31 August), you need to plan your presentation in Period 6 (June).
  • ask our secretary for a date from the available time slots
    • include your daily and VU supervisor in cc.
    • include a title and abstract for the talk
    • indicate who needs to attend: your daily and VU supervisor
  • two weeks before the presentation you need to hand in your thesis with your VU or UvA supervisor for grading.
  • one week before the presentation you need to hand in the final version of your thesis, approved and graded by your daily supervisor:
    • include a supervisor-approved version of your thesis
    • hand in the evaluation form; with the "Thesis" and "Research" sections graded and signed by your daily supervisor
    • In some cases, we may ask you to make some changes to the thesis after the presentation.


You can see the timeslots on our IBIVU group calendar, as 'student presentations'. Typically, we have one afternoon per month, but more options at the end of the academic year, in June. Note that due to holidays, it is in principle not possible to present during the summer months (July and August). Also, due to high teaching load, there are limited options for presentation during Period 1 (September and Oktober).

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