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Before you start your project you should write a Project Plan together with your daily supervisor. Your IBIVU supervisor needs to agree with the plan before you start. Your plan should be approximately one A4 (400-600 words) and contain the following:

  • Title
  • Your daily supervisor(s)
  • Your VU supervisor
  • Second reader (also from the VU)
  • The proposal (Background, Approach and Objectives)
  • A time line


  • One paragraph on the background of the research
  • Make sure to include a motivation for the research


  • One or two paragraphs to describe how you will approach the research
  • Make sure to clearly state the research question(s) you are aiming to answer.
  • What existing programs and databases will you use to answer your questions?
  • What programming language will you use?

Aims and Objectives

  • What do you hope to deliver by the end of your internship? (e.g. program, method, database, benchmark)
  • What new biological insights do you hope to find?
  • How do you aim to test the reliability of a method you have developed (if applicable)?

Time line

  • Give your intended start and end date
  • Describe per month which tasks you are planning to perform, e.g.:
    • background reading
    • program design
    • script writing
    • analysing results
    • writing your project thesis
  • Please indicate some 'mid-term' deliverables: a mid-term presentation and/or the introduction and/or methods section of your thesis.
  • If your project depends on data that will be produced by others, please indicate this

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