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We receive a fair number of requests for "Summer Internships", or other types of 'Internships'. We have only limited capability to accommodate and supervise students. Note that in general we will not be able to provide you with any funding towards you living or travelling costs. If you would still like to apply please consider the following:

  • If you want to make the effort to travel abroad to do an 'Internship', you should also have a clear idea about what topic you want to work on. Please clearly explain in your Cover Letter (CL) what you want to work on and why in your Cover Letter.
  • Send us you resume (CV)
  • Send us your "Academic Transcript" (an official list with your current grades, you should be able to get this at your University).

You may send your application, including a CV, a CL, an Academic Transcript and a Project Plan, to Dr. K. Anton Feenstra. In addition:

  • We may ask to see some of the actual work you have done. Please be prepared to send us one of your latest project reports on a relevant topic. The abstract, at least, should be (translated) in English.
  • We as IBIVU cannot offer a grant or other financial compensation for your internship. There are a limited number of scholarships available from the VU University and other sources for particularly excellent or promising students.
  • While it may be completely obvious to you what in 'Internship' is, we know from experience that this can mean many different things in different countries, and even in different Universities or Schools. You should therefore take it as your first and foremost responsibilty to clearly explain to us precisely what you mean with an 'Internship' and why you want to do it with us.