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=Introduction and Checkpoints=
=Bioinformatics Internships=
*[[Bioinformatics Internships]]
When you want to start a Master Project you have to take the following steps:
*[[Bioinformatics Open Projects]]
#First you need to orientate on the different subjects that can be done at the VU or at a company. You can find all the information here on this Wiki and at the [http://www.few.vu.nl/stagebureau "stagebureau"].
#Make an appointment with the Master Coordinator to discuss your interests. The Master Coordinator will suggest a supervisor. When your interest lies with a domain of another Master Programme the Master Coordinator will send you to the contact person of this domain. The contact person will then suggest a supervisor.
#Make an appointment with the suggested supervisor. During this meeting you will make an agreement about the master project. The agreement must consist of the following items: Project place, theme of the research question, supervisor, second reader and period. After this you have to register your project in the Master Project Wiki.
#When the project is registered you have to print your Master Project page and let your supervisor sign. Then you have to submit the signed printout to the Onderwijsbureau FEW.
#After the first month you submit your plan. The plan consists of the context, the problem statement, the research question, the method and a planning formulated on max. 4 pages. At the same moment you will present this material to your supervisor and other students and their supervisors in a meeting.
#When the final version of master project is submitted to your supervisor and the second reader you will give the final presentation during a special meeting. After this your supervisor will give the final grade for your work. Here you can find the assessment form for the [http://www.few.vu.nl/nl/Images/master_project_beoordeling_v4_afd%2EInformatica_tcm38-107081.pdf  Master Project].
=== Some remarks ===
#In principle you cannot do your Master Project at the company you already work for.
#The Master Project has to be written in English.
#The checkpoints above are derived from the [[The checkpoints|general guidelines]] for the Masterproject within the department of Computer Science.
= Master Project Guide =
*[[The assessment]]
*[[The basic principles]]
*[[The phases]]
*[http://www.few.vu.nl/nl/Images/master_project_beoordeling_v4_afd%2EInformatica_tcm38-107081.pdf  Master Project Assessment Form]
= Overview of Masterprojects =
Click on one of the pages below to get an overview of current and past projects, and to register your own project.
{{Footer Bioinformatics}}
{{Footer Bioinformatics}}

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Bioinformatics Internships

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