Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Oral Exam

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How to plan your oral exam?

  • Most of our courses have written exams
  • Re-sits are typically done oral, by appointment. Contact the course coordinator.

Preparation for the oral exam

What you should be able to do:

  • explain all concepts treated in the lectures
  • explain algorithms in detail
  • compare different methods on performance, accuracy and suitability for a problem
  • come up with your own biological examples for problems

Note that "explaining" here means that you should be able to talk about it for 5-10 minutes, and be able to explain it to a novice in the field (e.g. your mum/dad/brother/sister/...)

When preparing you should:

  • Read background information on concepts treated in lectures, especially if you do not fully understand them
  • If you really get stuck, please ask the course coordinator or lecturer(s). Your exam is not the right place to ask 'last minute' questions.
  • Look for any alternative methods
  • Look at scientific resources and literature indicated in the lectures

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