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== How to plan your presentation? ==
#REDIRECT [[Bioinformatics Final Presentation]]
* make an appointment with our educational administrator  [mailto:ilse@cs.vu.nl?Subject=Student_talk Ilse Thomson] in room S3.54 (WN)
** indicate who needs to attend (e.g., supervisors)
* time slot: every Friday from 11:00 - 12:30 in room M2.12
* check our [https://calendar.few.vu.nl/command.shtml?view=overview&calid=san550:StudentTalks&tzid=Europe/Paris&security=1 calendar] for upcoming student talks
== Presentations for Master Bioinformatics ==
* Final presentation for major or minor master project
* Defence for research proposal
* Research talk during minor or major master project
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