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How to plan your presentation?

  • ask permission from your supervisor to present
  • ask our secretary for a date from the available time slots
    • include your daily and VU supervisor in cc.
    • include a title and abstract for the talk
    • indicate who needs to attend: your daily and VU supervisor
  • one week before the presentation you need to hand in the final version of your thesis, approved and graded by your daily supervisor:
    • include a supervisor-approved version of your thesis
    • hand in the evaluation form; with the "Thesis" and "Research" sections graded and signed by your daily supervisor
    • In some cases, we may ask you to make some changes to the thesis after the presentation.


You can see the timeslots on our IBIVU group calendar, as 'student presentations'. Typically, we have one afternoon per month, but more options at the end of the academic year, in June. Note that due to holidays, it is in principle not possible to present during the summer months (July and August).

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