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How to plan your presentation?

  • at the start of your internship, as part of the planning, you will get a provisional presentation date (see schedule below)
  • ask permission from your supervisor to ask for a timeslot
    • you need to hand in a first version of your thesis two weeks before your presentation. We may ask you to make some changes to the thesis after the presentation.
  • make an appointment with your internal (VU/UvA) supervisor
    • send a title and abstract
    • indicate who needs to attend (e.g., supervisors)

Presentations for Master Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

  • Final presentation for major or minor master project
  • Defence for research proposal
  • Research talk during minor or major master project


You should pick an available slot together with your supervisor (internal and/or external as applicable). When you have a date, let your (internal - VU or UvA) supervisor know. Your (internal - VU or UvA) supervisor should make sure at least two teachers can and will be present - this is required for grading.

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