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New to the group? Here's a list of common tasks and how to accomplish them.
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== Getting your access / coffee card ==
To get your card you should go to M-330 and ask for Anita Charmant. She's in her office '''tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays only'''. She will arrange for you to have your picture taken in the Medical Faculty building, room C-070. The access card then takes approximately 5 work days to arrive.
If Anita is unavailable, ask Kees Wattel in the office nextdoor instead.
== Applying for a commuting allowance ==
Refer to the [https://vunet.login.vu.nl/services/pages/detail.aspx?cid=tcm%3a165-303476-16 relevant VUnet page] for up-to-date information on acquiring a commuting allowance. Currently, 70% of your costs will be covered by the VU, if you decide to use public transit for your commute. A similar reimbursement is offered to those commuting by bike, if they live more than 10 kilometers away.
Those planning to travel by car will have to look at the [http://www.parkerenbijvu.nl/tarieven-en-abonnementen/parkeerrabonnementen/parkeervergunningen-voor-personeel/ parking permit policy] relevant to their situation. Note that "het parkeerbedrijf" and the Parc Facility are running a strict discouragement policy as far as commuting by car is concerned, so expect strong resistance when applying for a permit.
== Adjusting your desk, getting a new desk chair, etc ==
Anita Charmant in M-330 is again the person to talk to, she will arrange a workplace visit from someone in building services to adjust your desk height, replace a faulty chair, etc.
If Anita is unavailable, send an e-mail to the floormanager (Henk ter Want, h.ter.want@vu.nl) instead. He is usually available directly, or later that same day.
== Getting a room key ==
You should ask Ilse Thomson in room S-354 for a room key.
== Ordering desktops, laptops, adapters, whiteboard markers, etc ==
Caroline Waij is in T-404 for all equipment-related requests. Standard office supplies are kept in stock and can be picked up on demand. Computers are rented through UC-IT as per [https://vunet.login.vu.nl/services/pages/detail.aspx?cid=tcm%3a164-303646-16 these specifications,] and will likely have some delivery time.
Note that the list of [https://vunet.login.vu.nl/_layouts/SharePoint.Tridion.WebParts/redirect.aspx?cid=tcm:164-326941-16 specifications and costs] for their standard systems is no longer actively updated. If you require a system with hardware specifications exceeding the listed options, it '''is''' possible to purchase a system (instead of renting one). The budget for this is currently €2500,- for a 4-year project.
Purchases have to be made through UC-IT's [http://missing.vunet.link request form.] Their main suppliers are Dell and Scholten Awater; you can check pricing and availability of your desired products on their respective websites. Contact Caroline for more information regarding the procedure.
== Registering for the mailing list ==
Ask Punto Bawono in P-120 to be added to the mailing list.
== Group meeting ==
The weekly group meeting is on wednesday, starting at 11:00 in T-469. '''Every first wednesday of the month''', this meeting is replaced by a joint IBIVU meeting. The joint meeting also starts at 11:00. The room in which it takes place is announced via e-mail beforehand.

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