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There are a few options to work at home on linux:

Mac and Linux users

Just open a terminal and type "python" !

Login to a vu server

From home you should be able to login on the following servers:

  • - 8 core Linux 64 bit 32GB RAM
  • - 4 core Linux 64 bit 16GB RAM

In windows you can install the free program PuTTY to login to the servers, and run your scripts. Use your own (VUnet ID) login, or the guest account that you used at the practical.

To edit your scripts there are a couple of options:

  • edit your scripts at your local computer, and upload the file to the server using WinSCP
  • use an inline editor such as nano or pico in PuTTY

Install ubuntu

You can install Ubuntu Linux as windows installer so that the linux will be automatically installed alongside your windows OS plus you don't have to make any changes in your hard drive partition etc. you can download it here:

Install Python on Windows

Its is possible to install Python on Windows. You can also install a graphical editor like gedit for Windows.