Counting single mRNA molecules in single yeast cells

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About Counting single mRNA molecules in single yeast cells


|free text=}} With a method called RNA FISH the number of mRNA molecules in single yeast cells can be determined several hundreds of cells. As a result the probability for a single cells to have a certain of mRNA molecules can be obtained. This is a very useful method to study stochastic process in yeast that could contribute to its survival prospects when confronted with sudden changes in its environment. In this project, the study will apply RNA FISH to study the heterogeneity of cells when they swift between gluconeogenesis and glycolysis. The question is whether the cell population is homogeneous (and to what degree) or whether subpopulation of cells can be found that qualitatively different growth behaviour.

Type of project, estimated duration

  • Experimental (80%) & Modeling (20%)
  • Estimated duration: at least 6 months