Cyberware and Dark-Market

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has title::Cyberware and DarkMarkets
status: ongoing
Master: project within::Computer Systems and Security
Student name: student name::Aswin Gopalakrishnan
Start start date:=February 15, 2017
End end date:=March 7th, 2017
Supervisor: Herbert Bos
Second supervisor: Michel Van Eeten
Second reader: has second reader::Rolf Van Wegberg, Radhesh Krishnan
Company: has company::VU and T.U. Delft

Signature supervisor



|free text=}} Anonymity software bundles like TOR, I2p has enabled tens of thousands of users to browse the internet anonymously regardless of their technical background. This has, in turn, resulted in the emergence of anonymous marketplaces. They often specialize in "black market" goods such as pornography, weapons, drugs, narcotics, etc. Some of the popular marketplaces are silk road, armory, general store. In my research, I will be focusing on the following problems statements. Money-Mules as a cash-Out strategy, Commoditization of Cash-Out process in Dark Markets, Possible ways to disrupt the Dark-Markets business model and lastly research on Malware-as-a-service, Cyberware-as-a-Service used in dark-web.