Developing an iPhone app for lifestyle support

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About Developing an iPhone app for lifestyle support


It is no big secret that adhering to a healthy lifestyle can be quite difficult. It requires one to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and, in some cases, even take medication on a regular basis. This can be quite difficult: people find it hard to stay motivated in all circumstances. As professional personal coaching is expensive, it seems that automated intelligent support might offer a solution. Smartphone apps can offer dynamic and personalized support when it is needed the most. They can communicate with the patient and can offer motivation or help.

In this project the student will develop an iPhone app that is able to do exactly that: helping people to adhere to their healthy lifestyles or therapies. During the project the student is asked to develop a research question that can be addressed using this app, one that contributes to our knowledge of how intelligent coaching systems can influence people.

The app will be modeled on a working Android version of the app, which already incorporates the key features necessary. These key features include: - asking the user questions about daily goals of exercise, diet, and medicine intake - sending reminders to take medication - sending motivational messages that encourage the user to stick with his/her goals - providing the user with status updates The app will connect to a database that provides the texts for the messages and contains information about the user.

We are looking for someone with hands-on experience with: - programming (preferably in Objective C as this is what is used for iPhone programming, but not a strict requirement) - MAC OS X - SQLite - JSON

Interested? Or would you like to know more about this project? Please send an e-mail to !