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How to find the Department of Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

Leave railway station Amsterdam Zuid in this direction 2018-06-22 08.46.01.jpg

At the end of the platform, go down the stairs 2018-06-22 08.47.33.jpg

Turn left through the tunnel under the tracks 2018-06-22 08.47.45.jpg

After checking out at the gates by the station, cross the street to your right (bike lane, cars, tram - twice, cars, bike lane). The tram stop you see is for line 5. 2018-06-22 08.48.27.jpg

After crossing, turn left again (along the construction site). Keep going straight ahead for a bit, across a zebra crossing and past the gas station. 2018-06-22 08.48.59.jpg

This view means you're on the right track. The tall building to the right is the VU main building (DO NOT go there). Far to your right you see tram and bus stops. Cross at the traffick lights and keep heading straight ahead. 2018-06-22 08.52.05.jpg

Continue along the water. To your left you see the tram/metro stop, for lines 5 (tram) and 51 (metro). 2018-06-22 08.53.26.jpg

Past the water, turn right, passing under the grey building (which also has the VU logo). 2018-06-22 08.54.27.jpg

Past the grey building you see a small bit of grass and some trees. Turn left after this, just in front of the large blue building (that is the exam hall). 2018-06-22 08.55.38.jpg

Enter here. 2018-06-22 08.56.16.jpg

Room numbers are by wing (lettering from 'A' at the west end, till 'U' at the east end of the building), then floor (starting from 0 for ground floor). So, my office is S404, which is 4th floor, S wing.