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|Contact person=Bruno Crispo
|Master areas=Computational Intelligence and Selforganisation, Internet and Web Technology, Computer Science and Communication, Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems
The aim of this project is to find an efficient solution for
event-path hiding in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). As
an example, we could aim to hide to the adversary the path
of an animal that moves in an area where a WSN is deployed
(to trace the animal presence).
Previous works already focused on hiding to the adversary
the source of a static event. However, we observe
that if the event source is continuously generating events
from different—but correlated—locations (e.g. the animal
is moving), the movement path of the event could help the
adversary to identify the location source (and the path) of
the event itself. In fact, previous works seem to have problems
in hiding such a type of events.
More project info here: [http://www.few.vu.nl/~mconti/prj/thesisprojects/paper_WSN_PathHiding.pdf].

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