Extract events from teletext

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About Extract events from teletext

  • This project has been fulfilled.
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  • Project website: has projectpage:: http://vista-tv.eu/


Teletext services are either disappearing or moving to the web. Those that are moving to the web, update their content, making it clickable and navigable, i.e. standard html content. Besides the standard program guide information, they expose also news. This project has the objective of extracting events from teletext content and matching those with newspapers articles. Practically speaking you need to build a crawler or use another tool (e.g. AlchemyAPI) to extract the content of the teletext website, extract the news from the content and search for those news in other newspapers, for instance using the NYTimes API (http://developer.nytimes.com) or LexisNexis (accessible only from the VU http://academic.lexisnexis.nl/).


  • crawl or extract information from teletext websites
  • identify important nouns, e.g. names, locations, etc
  • build events with the information extracted
  • find other relevant newspaper articles

Tools and Data

  • NYTimes API
  • LexisNexis
  • NLP tool, e.g. OpenCalais, AlchemyAPI

Recommended Prior Knowledge

  • Information Retrieval course
  • Web Technologies
  • Some experience in building crawlers