Functional gene networks in Schizophrenia

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About Functional gene networks in Schizophrenia


Skills needed: programming skills, UNIX, understanding of genetics

Project: Schizophrenia is a complex trait for which many genes of small effect are of importance. At the Neuroscience campus Amsterdam we have developed a bioinformatics tool to test for the joint effect of multiple genes that are grouped according to similar biological function. As an intern you will work with this tool, optmize it and apply it to a large dataset on schizophrenic patients. The intern needs to have programming skills, some basic knowledge of genetics (e.g. detecting mendelian errors, unlikely genotypes etc), and need to be comfortable in a UNIX environment. Programs can be run on the Genetic Cluster Computer, which is part of the LISA cluster at the Dutch Computing Services, SARA.

Contact: dr D Posthuma ([1])