IPL (Ibis) over Bluetooth

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has title::Bluetooth Ibis: Enabling mobile distributed applications
status: finished
Master: project within::Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems
Student name: student name::Nicolas Tittley
number: student number::1735535
Start start date:=2009/03/01
End end date:=2009/08/30
Supervisor: Nicholas Palmer
Second reader: has second reader::Spyros Voulgaris
Poster: has poster::Media:Media:Posternaam.pdf

Signature supervisor



This project will focus on the implementation of a Bluetooth connectivity layer for the Ibis distributed system. The aim is to validate its feasibility and its performance. Implementing such a layer is a first step towards using Ibis on mobile computing platform, an emerging platform for distributed systems. Interesting research questions include:

Is it feasible?

What level of overhead must we accept?

How does it compare with traditional networking layers?

Which Bluetooth layer performs the best regarding to interfacing Ibis?

This work will produce first a usable Bluetooth layer for Ibis, as well as interesting benchmark on the performance and trade off of such an approach. Time permitting, multiple implementations using different Bluetooth layers will be compared and benchmarked.