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= Master Project Meetings  =
= Master Project Meetings  =
[[Master Project Meeting 2014]]
[[Master Project Meeting 2013-2 | Master Project Meeting 2013 part 2]]
[[Master Project Meeting 2013-2 | Master Project Meeting 2013 part 2]]
[[Master Project Meeting 2013 | Master Project Meeting 2013 part 1]]
[[Master Project Meeting 2013 | Master Project Meeting 2013 part 1]]
[[Master Project Meeting 2012]]
[[Master Project Meeting 2012]]
[[Master Project Meeting 2011]]
[[Master Project Meeting 2011]]

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Introduction and Checkpoints

When you want to start a Master Project you have to take the following steps:

  1. First you need to orientate on the different subjects that can be done at the VU or at a company. You can find all the information here on this Wiki and at the "stagebureau".
  2. Make an appointment with the Master Project Coordinator Lora Aroyo by mailing one of the secretaries of the Computer Science Department for a 20 minute meeting to discuss your interests. The Master Project Coordinator will suggest a supervisor. When your interest lies with a domain of another Master Programme the Master Project Coordinator will send you to the contact person of this domain. The contact person will then suggest a supervisor. When communicating with your Master Project Coordinator about your Master Project please use "Master Project" in your e-mail header.
  3. Make an appointment with the suggested supervisor. During this meeting you will make an agreement about the master project. The agreement must consist of the following items: Project place, theme of the research question, supervisor, second reader and period. After this you have to register your project in the Master Project Wiki (see below).
  4. When the project is registered you have to print your Master Project page and let your supervisor sign. Then you have to submit the signed printout to the Onderwijsbureau FEW.
  5. After the first month you submit your plan. The plan consists of the context, the problem statement, the research question, the method and a planning formulated on max. 4 pages. At the same moment you will present this material to your supervisor and other students and their supervisors in a meeting.
  6. When the final version of master project is submitted to your supervisor and the second reader you will give the final presentation during a special meeting. After this your supervisor will give the final grade for your work. Here you can find the assessment form for the Master Project.

Some remarks

  1. In general you cannot do your Master Project at the company you already work for.
  2. A Master Project IS consists of 18 ects and 6 ects literature research (Thesis Design) this is approximately 4 months of work. If there is an interruption of more than 3 months the project will be considered failed.
  3. The Master Project has to be written in English. You have two options of reporting your work on your thesis. [1] a ACM style article approx. 15 pages plus appendices or [2] regular style thesis report.
  4. The checkpoints above are derived from the general guidelines for the Master Project within the department of Computer Science.
  5. At the end of the Master Project you give a final presentation in the Intertain Lab at VU. Practical information can be found here
  6. When you are finished with your project please upload your thesis document on the wiki and check finished box.
  7. Further information about Thesis Design in general and about doing a Master Project at the UvA.[1] and for information about the Thesis Design presentations.

Master Project Guide

Overview of Masterprojects

Click on one of the pages below to get an overview of current and past projects, and to register your own project.

Master Project Meetings

Master Project Meeting 2014 Master Project Meeting 2013 part 2 Master Project Meeting 2013 part 1 Master Project Meeting 2012 Master Project Meeting 2011