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Meeting requests

Add your name (and possibly a suggestion for a date) here if you are looking for a fellow student to organise a joint KIM meeting.

Nicolas Höning, May 13th, 2009: Hi, I'd like to set up my first KIM meeting and need a second speaker. The date could be any from next week on. Please contact

Scheduled meetings

KIM meeting: Friday 24 April 2009 9:30-11:45, M648

KIM meeting: Thursdat 23 April 2009 13:30-15:15, C638

KIM meeting: Thursday 26 March 2009 13.30-15.15, C648

KIM meeting: Wednesday 4 March 2009 13.00-14.00, P624

KIM meeting: Tuesday 17 February 2008, 12.00-13.00, P631

KIM meeting: Friday 19 December 2008, 11.00-13.00, s203

KIM meeting: 16 December 2008, 10.00, P0.20

KIM meeting: 26 November 2008, 14.00, P0.20

KIM meeting: 3 Juli 2008, 14.00, R.224

KIM meeting: 25 Juni 25 2008, 11.00-13.00, F664

  • Joost van der Mandele: Regression on the evolution of Implied Volatility Surfaces
  • Henk-Jan Meijer : Memory modelling: Integrating episodic memory and incremental learning

KIM meeting: 23 juni 2008, 13.30-15.30. R224

  • Wouter Slokker: Strategies for Artwork Recommender (CHIP project)
  • Pascal Snijders Blok

KIM meeting: 20 Juni 2008, 10.00, F6.47

  • Willem van Willigen: Scalability of Wireless Sensor Networks applied to Dynamic Evacuation Routing
  • Sander Bouwhuis: Self-organized train dispatching
  • Geert Tasseron: A protocol for car-to-car communication on traffic information

KIM meeting: 3 Juni 2008, 13.30, P0.20

  • Thomas Alderse Baas: Data Mining en Text Mining in Business Intelligence
  • Thomas Rodenburg: Music recommender based on Wikipedia content

KIM meeting: 26 mei 2008, 14.00, F664

  • Krystyna Milian: Modelling medical guidelines for the clinical desktop
  • Ren Yuan: Crisp Representation of Vague Ontologies
  • Rogier van het Schip: Integration of a BDI-based programming language into AgentScape

KIM meeting: 3 April 2008, 11.00-13.00, S2.03 (see announcement)

KIM meeting: 25 March 2008, 13.00, R240 "Difference in Description Logics" by Ciske Boekelo

KIM meeting: 25 March 2008, 11.00, C616 "A Particle Swarm Optimizer for Neural Network Ensembles" by Camiel Castillo

KIM meeting: 12 March 2008, A predicting and manipulating agent: "Integrating ToM, BDI and emotion regulation within a virtual agent", Frank de Lange

KIM meeting: 28th of February at 9.45, R223 (see announcement) KIM: January 24th 2008, at 13:00 in room F.664 (see announcement)

time: 10 Aug 2007, 16.00 location: 1D-30, Transitorium name: Rianne van Lambergen title: The Role of Attention in Non-Specific Preparation

time: 11 Jul 2007 location: name: Frank de Lange

time: 26 June 2007, 11.30 location: R223 name: Els Dees title: Decentralized Advertisement Recommendation on IPTV name: Robbert-Jan Merk title: Model critiquing of medical guidelines by model checking

time: 22 June 2007, 12:45 location: R224 name: Rory Sie title: A WEIGHTED HYBRID RECOMMENDER SYSTEM Combining Demographic, Content-based and Collaborative Filtering in a Financial Domain .

time: 1 mei 2007 location: name: Matthijs Pontier

time: 23 feb 2007, 11:15 - 12.00 location: A103 name: Gwen Wildeboer title: Representing relevant court decisions back to laymen in the BEST-project.

time: 30 nov 2006, 10:00 - 12.00 location: F301 name: Matthijs Pontier title: A computational model for emotion regulation time: 11.00 location: H358 name: Fiemke Both title: Tactical Picture Compilation: Making the Agent Human-like

time: 15 nov 2006, 14:00 - 16.00 location: R2.23 name: Joeri Bekker title: Evolutionary Learning name: Alex de Landgraaf title: Parameter Calibration using Meta-Algorithms

time: 28 sep 2006, 13.00 location: C638 name: Lieke title: Modeling ErbB signalling pathways with MAS

name: Bas de Bruin title:

time: 15 sep 2006, 13.00 location: P-020 name: Pascal Snijders-Blok title: Face recognition dealing with environmental fluctuations and personal characteristics that influence input quality.

time: 4 sep 2006, 15.30 location: R223 name: Paul van Klaveren title: An agent-based approach to space suit diagnosis on planetary explorations

time: 23 aug 2006, 16.00 location: S201 name: Karin Rijnders title: a new agent based model simulating the emergence of patterns in arid ecosystems

time: 14 aug 2006, 9.30 location: P020 name: Steven Hulshof title: zoeksysteem met semantische technieken

time: 30 juni 2006, 14.00-15.00 location: F301 name: P.Pietet title:PSychology Greets iTs Application

time: 22 juni 2006, 15.30-16.30 location: R223 name: Bas de Bruin title: functionele samenwerking tussen twee organisaties

time: 12 juni 2006, 14.30-15.30 location: R223 name:Maartje Spoelstra title: Simulating the Effects of Goal Structures in Human Learning Environments

time: 7 juni 2006, ?? location: ?? name: Maartje Spoels title: Simulating the Effects of Goal Structures in Human Learning Environments

time: 23 mei 2006, 14:00-16:00 location: R223 name: Alex Landgraaf title: Parameter calibration using meta-algorithms name:Ducco Ferro title: Local Multi-Agent Matchmaking in Home Health Care

time: 19 april 2006, 14:00-14:45 location: C629 name: Ronald en Olaf title: framework for the creation and simulation of virtual creatures in a three dimensional realistic environment

time: 30 maart 2006, 16.00 - 17.30 location: R223

title: Tactical Picture Compilation: Making the Agent Human-like name: Fiemke Both title: name: Tim Verweij

time: 3 maart 2006, 1630u location: R224 title: Ontwerpen van een autonoom squad name: Johan v. Beek

time: 3 maart 2006, 1530u location: R224 title: Semantische technieken name: Steven Hulshof

time: 3 maart 2006, 1430u location: R224 title: Modelchecking for critiquing patientdata against a guideline name: Robeert-Jan Merk

time: 2 maart 2006, 13:00-14:00 location: F301 title: Van natuurlijke taal tot geformaliseerd doel name: Ruud Stegers

time: 14:30 tot 15:30, on wednesday November 30th location: N343 title: name:Daphne Duif

time: 9.00 - 11.00, on tuesday November 29th location: 01A08 Main building title: name:Daniel Necas-Niessner title: name: Reinhout van Schouwen

time: 12.00, on friday the 11th november location: room number C616, the FEW building title: A user intuitive search database for the collection of the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam name: Peter Petiet