Mapping products to archetype and personality

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has title::"Knowing You Is Knowing What You Want"
status: finished
Master: project within::Information Sciences
Student name: student name::Stephan Hagens
Start start date:=2010/05/01
End end date:=2010/10/31
Supervisor: Michel Klein
Second reader: has second reader::Lora Aroyo
Company: has company::Uluru Beagle
Thesis: has thesis::Media:SEHagens - 1728016 - IS - MSc Thesis.pdf
Poster: has poster::Media:Dzyre-small.jpg

Signature supervisor



dZyre is a system created by ULURU|Beagle, that connects people to products based on the personality of people, as a way of a smart suggestion system. The system should be approachable and easy to fill in. dZyre wishes to have a scientifically foundation for two things: 1. connect human personality to products, and 2. visually determine human personality with the use of images. Is it possible to connect people to products and is it possible to determine the personality of people by using images?

We conducted three studies. First, we created product personality profiles so that these can be mapped to human personality. We used ten different types of cars for this study, where for each car the matching personality traits were determined. Second, we used the product personality profiles of the cars and examined which personality liked which product. The human personality was determined with a standardized Big Five personality indicator named the Ten Item Personality Indicator (also know as TIPI). After the respondents filled in the test, they were asked to rate all the cars.Third, a separate study was set up to examine if the TIPI could be transformed from a textual personality indicator to a graphical indicator that uses images to determine personality. Images were selected from photo-databases that labeled their photos with personality traits, and discussed in a small focus-group.

The result of the first two user studies indicated that the more a certain product matches a persons’ personality, the more that person likes the product. The final user study indicated that it is possible to successfully transform a normal (textual) TIPI to a graphical one.

Keywords: Product personality, personality, big five, graphical personality testing.