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Final presentation:

  • For the Bioinformatics 'discussion groups', one or two students from each group present the work. All group members should participate in answering questions.
  • We expect each student to ask at least one question during the whole day - we will (try to) keep track of that! As part of the discussion group, it would be a good idea to prepare several questions in advance - you should have a pretty good idea of the contents :-)

Documents for Practical project:

Deadline final report: Friday October 5th.

Discussion groups

Leaders: Alumit Mannheim, Victor Rijks
Members: Ruigi Han (E), Arlo Hoogeveen (A), Supawat Prabpracha (H), Paul Nijssen (G), Danne Elbers (F), Evert Schone (B), Joleen Traats (C), Wouter Woud (C), Wouter Stegeman (D)
Leaders: Stephan Pauw, Svetlana
Members: Patrick van der Berg (I), Yasser Alnakhli (H), David Hagos (I), Aristeidis Kondylidis (?, SCOP), Alexandros Valetopoulos (C), Marit Hoff-Hoffmayer-Zlotnik (F), Claire Baudier (G), Maria Djordjanova (B)
Leaders: Eva, Maxim
Members: Tom Constandse (F), Erwin Klein (B), Michiel Thiecke (H), Robbert Geerts(D), Mandy de Kwaasteniet(I), Vincent de Ruijter (A), Jacomien Feilzer (D), Jochem Bijlard (G)
Overall comparison
Leader: Maurits
Members: Stefan Payralbe (A), Chris Hettinga (D), Fedde Schaefer (F), Marine Milo (F), Sun Chonglu (G), Mandlakayise Nhleko (H), Aphiwe Mqunyana (B), Manfred Malleier (C)

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