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(Master's Thesis Presentations)
(Master's Thesis Presentations)
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| Youssef Ibrahimi
| Youssef Ibrahimi
| Marieke van Erp
| Marieke van Erp
| Towards Automated Document Classification and Text Segmentation
| Toward Automated Document Classification and Text Segmentation
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|- style="background:lightgreen; color:blue"

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Master's Thesis Presentations

For scheduling presentations please contact ILSE THOMSON(i.h.thomson@vu.nl)

Presentations appear in reverse date order

Date Time Room Speaker Advisor(s) Title

--- --- --- Ajith Skanda Kumaraswamy Ronald Siebes
--- --- --- Marthijn van den Heuvel Herbert Bos Keystroke dynamics in the mobile world
Thu 11 Aug 10:00 S655 Youssef Ibrahimi Marieke van Erp Toward Automated Document Classification and Text Segmentation
Thu, 11 Aug 13:00 C629 --- --- ---
Thu, 11 Aug 13:30 C629 Nitish Sharma Herbert Bos Parallelizing Operating System Deployment Through Streaming
Thu, 11 Aug 14:00 C629 --- --- ---
Thu, 11 Aug 14:30 C629 --- --- ---
Tue, 9 Aug 13:00 C629 --- --- ---
Tue, 9 Aug 13:30 C629 --- --- ---
Tue, 9 Aug 14:00 C629 --- --- ---
Tue, 9 Aug 14:30 C629 --- --- ---
Thu, 4 Aug 09:00 C629 Hendri Appelmelk Mauro Conti "MiPass: MicroPayment for Android Smartphones"
Thu, 4 Aug 09:30 C629 Aziz Ait Ali Thilo Kielmann Monitoring the performance of cloud service providers
Tue, 2 Aug 13:30 C629 Tudor Didilescu Henri Bal, Ana Varbanescu, Si Yin Speeding up Text Analytics Workflows using OpenCL and Hadoop
Tue, 2 Aug 14:00 C629 Bas van Dijk Willem van Hage Searching through geo spatial temporal event data
Thu, 28 Jul 13:30 C629 Twana Jaf Spyros Voulgaris Real-time Trip Planner for Android Smartphones
Mon, 25 Jul 13:00 C629 Alexandra Andronescu Guillaume Pierre A WordPress-based Web hosting benchmark
Mon, 25 Jul 13:30 C629 Eduard Iordache Jacopo Urbani, Niels Drost Map-Reduce Implementation using IPL
Mon, 25 Jul 14:00 C629 Alexandru Mosoi Jason Maassen, Cees Verstoep STRUCTure: Towards a Distributed SAT Solver
Tue, 19 Jul 15:30 C668 Alicja Luszczak Peter Boncz Simple Solutions for Compressed Execution in a Vectorized Database System
Tue, 19 Jul 16:00 C668 Juliusz Sompolski Peter Boncz Just-in-Time Compilation in Vectorized Query Execution
Tue, 19 Jul 16:30 C668 Michał Świtakowski Peter Boncz Integrating Cooperative Scans in a column-oriented DBMS
Thu, 14 Jul 11:00 F612 Archana Nottamkandath Corina Stratan, Guillaume Pierre High-precision web application monitoring
Thu, 14 Jul 11:30 F612 Ana Vinatoru Frank Seinstra, Maarten van Meersbergen A Visualization Framework for Ibis
Tue, 12 Jul 9:00 C669 Mihai Istin Guillaume Pierre Resource provisioning for NoSQL data stores
Tue, 12 Jul 9:30 C669 Andreea Marin Guillaume Pierre Resource provisioning for fault-tolerant Web applications
Tue, 12 Jul 10:00 C669 Andreea Visan Guillaume Pierre Resource provisioning for AJAX web applications
Tue, 12 Jul 11:00 C669 Adriana Draghici Spyros Voulgaris Peer-to-peer aggregation of dynamic data
Tue, 12 Jul 11:30 C669 Bogdan Ghit Spyros Voulgaris Cooperative repair of digital broadcast streams
Tue, 12 Jul 12:00 C669 Alexandra Olteanu Guillaume Pierre P2P social networking
Tue, 12 Jul 13:30 C669 Alexandru Stefanescu Benno Overeinder, Guillaume Pierre Effects of RPKI Deployment on BGP Security
Tue, 12 Jul 14:00 C669 Adriana Szekeres Benno Overeinder, Guillaume Pierre Impact of network size on BGP performance
Tue, 12 Jul 14:30 C669 Valentina Sandulescu Lorenzo Cavallaro Adding dynamic taint analysis to native code in an LLVM compilation stage
Tue, 12 Jul 15:00 C669 Andrei Voinescu Spyros Voulgaris G-MAC design considerations on the Atmega128RFA1 processor
Tue, 12 Jul 16:00 C669 Teodor Crivat Herbert Bos Fast TCP on Streamline
Tue, 12 Jul 16:30 C669 Silviu Baranga Herbert Bos Detection, circumvention and improvement of code obfuscation techniques
Tue, 12 Jul 17:00 C669 Marius Sandu-Popa Herbert Bos Identifying pointer data structures in binary software
Tue, 12 Jul 17:30 C669 Traian Stancescu Herbert Bos BodyArmor: Adding Data Protection to Binary Executables
Thu, 7 Jul 11:00 C624 Alexandru Irimiea, Jelbrich Terpstra Maarten van Steen, Spyros Voulgaris Exploring Data Dissemination in a MyriaNed Network
Thu, 7 Jul 13:30 C624 Robert-Jan Huijsman Maarten van Steen ---
Wed, 6 Jul 13:00 C624 Plamen Nikolov Guillaume Pierre Aggregate Queries in NoSQL Cloud Data Stores
Fri, 1 Jul 13:30 F612 Bjorn Swift Guillaume Pierre Data placement in a scalable transactional data store
Fri, 1 Jul 14:00 F612 Micha Hernandez van Leuffen Guillaume Pierre SkyMesh -- a Distributed HTTP Routing Fabric for Cloud Computing
Thu, 23 Jun 13:30 S607 Andrei Bistriceanu Thilo Kielmann A Virtual Cluster Network Overlay for Cloud Applications
Thu, 23 Jun 14:00 S607 Sajith Kalathingal Thilo Kielmann, Kees van Reeuwijk Secure virtual network over federation of clouds
Thu, 23 Jun 14:30 S607 Matthijs Ritman Thilo Kielmann, Dick Bulterman, Kenjiro Taura Tentative: High performance wide-area overlay using deadlock-free routing
Tue, 31 May 17:00 P624 Edwin Razab-Sekh Anton Eliëns, Lora Aroyo Tikkit: Convincing children to visit museums
Fri, 28 Jan 15:30 F640 Tudor Zaharia Herbert Bos Nemulator: A distributed real-time network intrusion detector
Fri, 28 Jan 16:00 F640 Remco Vermeulen Herbert Bos, Asia Slowinska Automated Post-Attack Analysis of Injected Payloads