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Below you find the schedule for the mini symposium 'Bioinformatics meets Systems Biology' where all students from the Fundamentals of Bioinformatics and the Introduction to Systems Biology courses will present their work.

  • The symposium will take place in Artis Zoo, in the lecture room “De Volharding” (Artis - Building 42 highlighted in a yellow circle), which is at 10-15 min. walking distance from the main entrance. You should have a ticket, if not please ask Douwe
  • For the Bioinformatics 'discussion groups', one or two students from each group present the work. All group members should participate in answering questions.
  • We expect each student to ask at least one question during the whole day - we will (try to) keep track of that! As part of the discussion group, it would be a good idea to prepare several questions in advance - you should have a pretty good idea of the contents :-) Your question might be for one of the Bioinformatics or the Sytems Biology presentations, that does not matter (but it cannot be your own group, obviously).


Time End Topic Title Participants
09:15 09:35 SysBio Function of cell-to-cell variability Arlo Hoogeveen, Wouter Woudt, Marit Hoffmayer, David Hagos
09:40 10:00 SysBio Cell-to-cell variability Mandy de Kwaasteniet, Wouter Stegeman, Claire Baudier, Maxim Moinat
10:05 10:25 SysBio Laboratory evolution Stefan Payralbe, Jacomien Feilzer, Fedde Schaeffer
10:30 10:35 Bioinf General Introduction Maurits Dijkstra, Stefan Payralbe, Chris Hettinga, Fedde Schaefer, Marine Milo, Sun Chonglu, Mandlakayise Nhleko, Aphiwe Mqunyana, Manfred Malleier
10:40 11:00 Bioinf SCOP Eva Deutekom, Maxim Moinat, Tom Constandse, Erwin Klein, Michiel Thiecke, Robbert Geerts, Mandy de Kwaasteniet, Vincent de Ruijter, Jacomien Feilzer, Jochem Bijlard
11:00 11:30 Break Coffee/Tea
11:30 11:50 SysBio Cancer systems biology Vincent de Ruijter, Chris Hettinga, Alumit Mannheim, Mandlakayise Lucky Nhleko
11:55 12:15 SysBio Constraint-based modeling Aphiwe Mqunyana, Svetlana Stoma, Jochem Bijlaard, Victor Rijks
12:20 12:40 Bioinf PFAM Alumit Mannheim, Victor Rijks, Ruigi Han, Arlo Hoogeveen, Supawat Prabpracha, Paul Nijssen, Danne Elbers, Evert Schone, Joleen Traats, Wouter Woud, Wouter Stegeman
12:40 13:40 Break Lunch
13:40 14:00 SysBio Top-down systems biology Evert Schone, Maurits Dijkstra, Sun Chonglu, Patrick van den Berg
14:05 14:25 SysBio Systems biology as a tool to enhance solar biofuel production Stephan Pauw, Aristeides Kondylidis, Yasser Alnakhli, Marc Pauper
14:30 14:50 Bioinf GO Stephan Pauw, Svetlana Stoma, Patrick van der Berg, Yasser Alnakhli, David Hagos, Aristeidis Kondylidis, Alexandros Valetopoulos, Marit Hoff-Hoffmayer-Zlotnik, Claire Baudier, Maria Djordjanova
14:50 15:20 Break Coffee/Tea
15:20 15:40 SysBio Regulatory network patterns Joleen Traets, Tom Constandse, Eva Deutekom, Johan Hendriks
15:45 16:05 SysBio Shifts in metabolic strategies Alexandros Valetopoulos, Danne Elbers, Michiel Thiecke, Hanieh Shekarian
16:10 16:30 Bioinf Overall conclusions Maurits Dijkstra, Stefan Payralbe, Chris Hettinga, Fedde Schaefer, Marine Milo, Sun Chonglu, Mandlakayise Nhleko, Aphiwe Mqunyana, Manfred Malleier
16:35 Drinks Everybody

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