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About Projects at Sound and Vision


The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (‘Beeld en Geluid’) has one of the largest audiovisual archives in Europe. The institute manages over 70 percent of the Dutch audiovisual heritage. The collection contains more than 750.000 hours of television, radio, music and film from the beginning in 1898 until today.

Through our collaboration with the NISV , we can offer various MSc. projects hosted at the Research and Development department of NISV. These projects can be either a) internships where the student solves a problem at NISV or b) done at VU, where the student takes a case from NISV as a starting point for research. There are multiple projects students can join, but three examples are:

- Within DIVEplus ( think about new possibilities for the interface, adding new dataset, using background knowledge etc.

- Term extraction for automatic annotation of media content: investigating improvements of the extraction algorithm through the use of Semantic Web background information or combining different Information Extraction results (TT888, speaker recognition,... ) to improve accuracy

- Within the Observe project for interactive public screens. Work with R&D to develop and evaluate interactive content based on