Ranking and Presentation for Semantic Search

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About Ranking and Presentation for Semantic Search


In the platform that is being built in the Agora project users will simultaneously search and browse several different museum collections. The aim is also to help users access the collections through historical dimensions; through events, and through the actors, locations, and times that are associated with these events. Accessing a collection through these dimensions can greatly increase the number of results that is returned, as one event may have a hundred different actors associated with it (e.g., WWII), or one object may be linked to different events. The objects that will be retrieved are multimodal (e.g., videos, pictures, audio), which calls for a more ingenious presentation approach than a simple list, but one could think of clustering of results as is for example done in semantic search (see the search in e-culture project for an example).

This Master's project is about investigating and experimenting with different ranking algorithms and result presentation approaches that provide users with a rich, but not overwhelming, result set.


  • Experimenting with different ranking strategies
  • Designing a presentation strategy for multimodal search results

Tools and Data

  • Rijksmuseum collection data + vocabularies
  • Beeld en Geluid collection data + vocabularies
  • Event thesaurus + aligned vocabularies
  • Ranking algorithms

Recommended prior knowledge

Information Retrieval, Human Computer Interaction

Extra Information

Contact Marieke_van_Erp, Lora_Aroyo, or Guus_Schreiber for more information about this project.