Rule Based system for Token management and Proposal Validation in Parademo

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has title::Rule Based system for Token management and Proposal Validation in Parademo
status: ongoing
Master: project within::Internet and Web Technology
Student name: student name::Ajit Skanda Kumaraswamy
Start start date:=2011/02/01
End end date:=2011/09/30
Supervisor: Ronald Siebes
Second reader: has second reader::Chris van Aart
Poster: has poster::Media:Media:Posternaam.pdf

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Abstract Democracy is the chosen method of self-governance in most countries today. The common way it is exercised is through Traditional or Representative democracy, in which the citizens choose their representatives and law makers by voting periodically. But the growing resentment against this form of governance due to various factors indicate that a simple representative democracy may not be the most effective way for self governance anymore. We can consider other alternatives like Direct democracy, as an addition to the current set-up rather than to replace it, but this can further complicate the situation rather than resolve it. Then how do we solve the problem of self-governance for today's society? Parademo can be an answer to this question.

Abstract Parademo is concept that has taken the form of an academic project initiated to investigate the suitability of computer technology in devising and implementing a hybrid democratic process with the salient features of both direct democracy and representative democracy. Parademo aims to aid the current democratic process, rather than replace it. In this thesis project we choose to address the logical constructs required for Parademo and propose the usage of a Forward Chaining Rule Based System as the logical or the decision making and action prompting module for Parademo. We propose the design of a rule based system and create the rules necessary using the JESS language. A simple Java based implementation of the logical module for Parademo is created as proof of concept for this design. We choose and demonstrate a set of user actions that can be handled by the rule based system. We also attempt to evaluate the rule based system for Parademo against a numerical system and show that the rule based system can handle the complications required to perform as a logical module of a system like Parademo.