Save lifes with Open Data

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About Save lifes with Open Data


To boost the liveability and economic development, the local government of Amsterdam and the fire department (Amsterdam Amstelland) has opened data sources about fire plans and building information.

The fire departments uses a lot of information for fire prevention (cold phase) and to actually fight fires (hot phase).

Your task is to:

  • analyse available information sources (including wikipedias, OSM, fire plans, building information (BAG), linked open data and local open data)
  • define ways to harmonise this data
  • investigate ways to use this data in a smart way
  • develop one or more proof of concepts, e.g. in the form of semantic fire fight recommenders.

You will be working with CitySDK: a toolkit for the development of digital services within cities. The toolkit comprises of open and interoperable digital service interfaces as well as processes, guidelines and usability standards. It should enable utilisation of the expertise and know-how of developer communities to be applied in city service development.